Lady Tarzan carrying tiger

Tarzan Sundari (aka Lady Tarzan)

Quite possibly one of the most amazonic mainstream movie ever made. Definitely the most amazonic Indian movie ever made. I mean, how often have you seen a movie where a six foot plus tall woman carries a an adult tiger on her shoulders? There are many, many amazonic scenes like this in the movie. And did I mention that the sexy amazon is clad in tiny loincloth throughout the movie? Read on! The story is about a rich man who loses his daughter, Rani, in the jungle. Rani grows up in the jungle and becomes a big strapping girl with enormous strength who stands almost a foot taller than everyone in the movie and effortlessly lifts guys over her shoulders. The role was played by a vollyball player called Jamuna who supposedly stood 6’2″, which is extremely tall by Indian standards, especially considering the movie was made in 1988.

The director starts out by showing that she is stronger than both a bear and a python! A big bear is being strangled by a python. Our amazon comes in, grabs the python and starts wrestling with it in a river. The poor python is no match for the super strong amazon who practically tears the python up and throws it aside, thereby rescuing the bear! Some great shots of her strong arms and insanely long legs in this scene! Untitled2Untitled3Untitled4Untitled5 It doesn’t take very long after that for the amazon to fight other natives in the jungle. Untitled6Except they are nowhere as big and tall as her. In fact, most of them are half her size and barely reach up to her chest. When she notices that a group of them are trying to kill a tiger, she goes into action. She pulverizes the guys, even though they are armed with spears. In one scene, she grabs a guy’s spear and breaks it with her hands much to his horror! She then picks up the biggest guy in the group, holds him by his legs and swings him around like a pole. She uses him like a weapon as he hits the other guys while she is swinging him, which sends them flying. There is a great shot of her strong arms and thighs at the end of the scene when she’s in the process of tossing the guy.Untitled9 Untitled10 Untitled11 Untitled12 Untitled13 Then she goes after another native. She hoists the poor guy way over her head with utmost ease. She holds him there for a while as if to prove a point about her strength! The other guys look on in horror as their compatriot looks helpless and scared being held high up in the air by this superhuman woman!  She then spins him around several times up in the air and throws him away with brute strength. Untitled20 Untitled21 Untitled22 Untitled23 Untitled24 Untitled25Untitled26 The hardest part for the amazon is not carrying the little guys. That she does with effortless ease. The hard part is that she has to bend down from her 6’2″ frame to fight the guys, most of whom are a foot or more shorter than her. The director delights the audience here with several extreme height comparison scenes! Untitled16 Untitled18 Untitled17 Untitled19 Untitled34 Untitled41 Untitled39 Untitled38 Untitled37 Untitled36 Read More »